Each year, at our annual Fund Development dinner, we have the privilege of sharing with others Cru’s vision to see the college campus and the world saturated with Christ centered laborers going to make disciples. We have been honored to dine with many of you, at this annual event, and  are always encouraged as we have seen individuals respond, in prayer and through financial giving, to the invitation to be a part of this vision. 

We are confident you, like us, have experienced many changes of plans due to the pandemic. We pray that you continue to see the Lord work and we are thrilled to share with you again this year how God continues to move in Wilmington even as many of our traditional programs have required some shifting.

Enjoy these videos below to hear more about what students are experiencing.


We desire to see students on college campuses in Wilmington won to Christ, to hear the Good News and have the chance to respond. Hear stories from a few students who have been impacted by Cru, who have come to know Christ, or are taking steps to make Him known!




College is such a pivotal time for growth and maturity, and we want to trust God to mature people in their faith as we meet with them, study the Bible together, and think through the difficult aspects of the Christian life together.




“God has been teaching me to own my faith and not be ashamed of the truth. He also has been teaching me what it means to follow Him with my decisions and my interactions with others. In the next year or so, I pray God teaches me what it means to find my sole joy and contentment in His will and to give me a greater desire to resist temptation in whatever form it comes.”

— Thomas, class of 2024

In the past year, I feel that I’ve grown closer to God simply through personal devotion. It’s become a habit for me to read a chapter of the Bible every morning and take notes on it, as well as keeping all that I learned from junior and senior year fresh in my mind by going over old notes and books.

— Jared, class of 2024


Go and make disciples. That is our heart for every student who comes through Cru, that they would be sent out as missionaries (no matter their vocation) to share the Good News with others and point them to Jesus.




“In the next year or so, I desire for God to use me in discipleship, specifically the deeper parts, so that I can use what I’ve learned to build up the faith of those around me, similar to how my teachers did for me.”

— Jared, Class of 2024

It’s not just students

Cru, through our ministry Faculty Commons, is trusting God to reach, equip, and empower professors and faculty all over campus. Christian faculty gather regularly to encourage one another, to talk about what it means to follow Christ in the classroom and even to share with students.


With Cru, we do not (and can not) do what God has called us to, this ministry, alone. It takes numerous people who will partner with us through finances and through prayer to see students reached with the Gospel, to see them grow, and to watch them go and impact the world.

What are donors saying?

We hope that you can see that your partnership really can, and does, make a difference.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us by giving a monthly or special gift to the ministry of Cru Wilmington?

You can also, if you would prefer, give to one of our staff members. Click the link below to visit specific staff giving pages.

Thank you so much for your consideration and for partnering with us through financial giving, and most importantly through your prayers. We truly are partnered with you in reaching students in Wilmington, and we could not be more grateful.



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